Megan’s Story

“Hope is a small word but has such a deep impact on our lives…”
I was probably at rock bottom when I first made the steps away from homelessness; I sex-worked around the clock so I had somewhere rather than on the streets. If I wasn’t working I was using and as a last resort I would sleep rough.
Falling pregnant was my turning point, accepting help and taking responsibility for my actions was next. It stopped being about just me. Being housed wasn’t just the answer. Fixing a person isn’t easy, and trusting a person to take the pieces of me that were broken and allow me to put myself together was a long process. Now, although I don’t feel I’ve reached the end of my journey I feel privileged to be the one who helps others start mending. Hope is a small word but has such a deep impact on our lives.
“Megan introduced us to kintsukuori ’to repair with gold’ with the understanding that things are more beautiful for having been broken.” Melissa & Gabriella